Beginning of an Era?

Hello everyone! To be truthful, I set up this page over two months ago with the intention of then joining the world of bloggers. I was inspired by my best friend, she has been blogging for a while and does it so well (mind you she is a writer, a talented one, so this comes naturally to her).

But then I started having those awful thoughts…”who do I think I am to be blogging?”…”I’m not that interesting! Why would anybody want to read what I have to say?”…”Mel, you’re a performer. Stick to performing and let the people who actually know how to write, write!”

Sooo, it has taken me a while to build the courage to actually, officially, begin this blogging journey.

Welcome! How exciting! I hope it isn’t a dismal failure…in fact I would be quite happy if every once in a while you find it entertaining and insightful. I promise that I will try and only post when I am feeling particularly passionate about something and feel that you might be interested too.

Please feel free to say hello, and bear with me while I work out exactly what this new blogging relationship is 🙂


3 responses

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere beautiful girl! Absolutely loving the banner photo!

    As one of the most interesting, passionate, intelligent, talented and beautiful people I know, I’m looking forward to reading your posts and I have no doubts that I won’t be the only one. Not to mention, as your career as an actress progresses, you’ll be needing this platform to keep us average Joes updated with your adventures 😉

    Keep on writing gorgeous!

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