Has Anyone Seen My January?

Ok 2012. Explain yourself please. One of my ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ for this sparkly new year was to write on this little blog I’ve begun with some regularity…so far I am failing. Dismally.

But it’s not my fault! My Resolution isn’t broken yet I promise! It’s just that I seem to have misplaced my January. I can honestly say that it upped and disappeared and I cannot work out what on earth has happened to it. One second it was right in front of me and the next…poof! Gone.

I’ve tried calling for it, enticing it back with promises of days spent doing extremely productive things but to no avail.

So hello February! I welcome you into my 2012. Let’s be friends. I’m hoping you and I get along swell and accomplish all sorts of exciting things…including my New Year’s Resolution of writing on here. February, I’m sure you won’t abandon me like that selfish January did!


4 responses

    • Hi Elmer, thanks for checking out my new blog. That’s a great way of looking at it actually! It makes me feel like I’ll get more done that way, make each day a little more satisfying. Thanks!

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