My Top Actors

Someone asked me the other day who my favourite actors were. I umm-ed and aahh-ed for a good few minutes struggling to come up with an answer. It’s not because I couldn’t think of any, it was because there are way too many wonderful actors that I love and I couldn’t pick any few in particular above the others.

So I’ve decided to share with you my favourite actors, all of my favourite actors. It’s a big list but in my opinion all the actors on it deserve to be there. Every one of these actors has played a role/roles on TV or film that really struck a chord and stayed with me. I’ve tried to cover a wide age group and like I said, it is a preeeetty big list so in this post I’m sticking to the talented males and will add the amazing women later.

I know these types of lists are personal preference, but if anyone feels I’ve missed somebody that they really love feel free to add them below in the comments 😉

P.S. I love that I have eight Australian actors on here. Aussie represent!!



2 responses

  1. Yummy yummy! That’s a fine list you’ve got there! And it still amazes me how alike Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem look. Crazy.

    Can I nominate Heath Ledger posthumously for the list? Another talented Aussie! Represent! 🙂

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