Actresses Who Inspire Me

Ok so I’ve already shown you my favourite male actors. Now it’s time for my favourite actresses! I can’t say enough how much I admire these women.

A lot of these older actresses are the reason I wanted to follow this career path in the first place. They are goddesses in my eyes and I could watch their work forever. The younger actresses on here in my opinion stand out above the rest of young actors in Hollywood for their elegance, poise and depth of character in their work.

I would be extremely happy to have a 10th of the impact they’ve had on me to some other aspiring actor one day. When I need a boost of confidence and motivation, I look to these women’s work. They remind me that I’m in this for the long-haul not a quick fire career. If I don’t ‘make it’ until I’m 50, hey no sweat, I’ve got another 40 years to work from there!

I adore these women!



Courage Where Art Thou?

I wanted to share this photo that has been doing the rounds online. August Landmesser worked at a shipping yard in Hamburg, Germany. He was a member of the Nazi Party for four years, but after falling in love with a Jewish woman and having two daughters he came to oppose Hitler’s regime. This photo is from the launch of a naval vessel. In a sea of spectators he was the only man who refused to salute. His wife was later taken by the Gestapo and his daughters separated from him so it’s not a happy ending as with so many families from that time, but it’s a powerful photo showing one man’s courage against something that was a lot bigger than him.

August Landmesser, opposed the Hitler's regime and refused to my mind he's pretty much a hero.

Courage is a funny thing. Sometimes I think we stamp down on our own courage too often, so as not to insult or step on other people’s toes or when we’re afraid of getting hurt.

But that’s what being courageous is, being able to do something, say something, take a stand because you believe in it, that it’s the right thing to do.

Here’s to the rest of us being brave enough to be courageous!


My Top Actors

This gallery contains 54 photos.

Someone asked me the other day who my favourite actors were. I umm-ed and aahh-ed for a good few minutes struggling to come up with an answer. It’s not because I couldn’t think of any, it was because there are way too many wonderful actors that I love and I couldn’t pick any few in … Continue reading

A wonderful post on creativity and inspiration! Thanks ‘thoughtsontheatre’ for sharing these wonderful artists.

Thoughts on Theatre

On Creativity and Finding Inspiration:

(The following excerpts come from this article from The Guardian. I’ve chosen a few of my favorites below.)

Guy Garvey, musician

• Spending time in your own head is important. When I was a boy, I had to go to church every Sunday; the priest had an incomprehensible Irish accent, so I’d tune out for the whole hour, just spending time in my own thoughts. I still do that now; I’m often scribbling down fragments that later act like trigger-points for lyrics.

• Just start scribbling. The first draft is never your last draft. Nothing you write is by accident.

Polly Stenham, playwright

• Doodle. I’m very fidgety, and I seem to work best when my hands are occupied with something other than what I’m thinking about. During rehearsals, I find myself drawing little pictures or symbols that are somehow connected to the play. With Tusk Tusk, it was…

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Oh the Inspiration!

Sometimes it gets hard following the path of an actress. In can get quite depressing when you are so passionate about what you do and yet it feels as though getting where you want to go is like swimming through a pool of jelly…
Yummy! But a slow slow process.

So on days when I need a good’ol kick up the bum or some extra inspiration I take a look at my favourite actors and their work. I find the audition process quite intimate and intense. You put everything you have into each one you go to. So I thought I’d share this video of Rachel McAdams…

I love Rachel McAdams, she is one of my favourite young actresses and seeing her go through the same process the rest of us struggling actors do gives me the inspiration I need to get on with it!

Go Kid Go!

I have huge respect for this young fella below!

He’s giving the finger to large corporations in America that make their fortunes from genetically engineered food and selling dangerous herbicides. But he’s also done his research and knows what he’s talking about so it’s worth watching if you feel like learning a little about what’s going on with our food. Particularly these days when fresh/organic/free-range foods are getting more expensive and the majority of us try to cut costs. I know it’s different in every country but I’m sure I’d be shocked if I knew exactly what was happening to our food here in Aussie! Spending a few extra dollars seems worth it after hearing this little dude speak.

Have a look. He’s so passionate about what he’s saying, I was cheering along with everyone else!

And I agree, pigs should always get to roll around in mud! Choose organic and choose free-range. Better for the animals, better for us.

Has Anyone Seen My January?

Ok 2012. Explain yourself please. One of my ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ for this sparkly new year was to write on this little blog I’ve begun with some regularity…so far I am failing. Dismally.

But it’s not my fault! My Resolution isn’t broken yet I promise! It’s just that I seem to have misplaced my January. I can honestly say that it upped and disappeared and I cannot work out what on earth has happened to it. One second it was right in front of me and the next…poof! Gone.

I’ve tried calling for it, enticing it back with promises of days spent doing extremely productive things but to no avail.

So hello February! I welcome you into my 2012. Let’s be friends. I’m hoping you and I get along swell and accomplish all sorts of exciting things…including my New Year’s Resolution of writing on here. February, I’m sure you won’t abandon me like that selfish January did!