In the wise words of Buddha

Thought I’d share this little gem of wisdom…

lt’s so easy to forget to look after ourselves, to be good to ourselves. We spend so much of our time focussed on other people whether at work or at home in relationships, that sometimes I think we forget that we need our care too.

What am I doing this week for myself? I’m not working on Friday (even though I need the money) so that I can go and take some dance classes. I’ve been fairly stressed lately and nothing makes me feel so in sync and happy as a ballet or contemporary dance class. So this Friday it’s all about giving my body and mind what it needs to relax and feel good about itself!

We’re half way through the week so, everybody out there, you’ve still got time to do something special for YOU.



Go Kid Go!

I have huge respect for this young fella below!

He’s giving the finger to large corporations in America that make their fortunes from genetically engineered food and selling dangerous herbicides. But he’s also done his research and knows what he’s talking about so it’s worth watching if you feel like learning a little about what’s going on with our food. Particularly these days when fresh/organic/free-range foods are getting more expensive and the majority of us try to cut costs. I know it’s different in every country but I’m sure I’d be shocked if I knew exactly what was happening to our food here in Aussie! Spending a few extra dollars seems worth it after hearing this little dude speak.

Have a look. He’s so passionate about what he’s saying, I was cheering along with everyone else!

And I agree, pigs should always get to roll around in mud! Choose organic and choose free-range. Better for the animals, better for us.